CAMACA is originally from Taiwan and was founded by Dr Leo Li, a Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Throughout his career as a doctor, Dr Li found out that most major health problems such as obesity, heart problems and high blood pressure were mainly caused by Sugar. Yet, sugar is a vital ingredient for most desserts and most people will still consume it. Thus, this led him to the creation of CAMACA which aims to create healthy desserts without compromising on its taste. Finally, after partnering with a Michelin starred chef in Taiwan and 3 years of research and development, the CAMACA was born in 2012.

EagleWings CAMACA first opened in Singapore in February 2019, with its flagship outlet at King Albert Park Mall.

CAMACA specialises in sugar-free, low-calorie and delicious desserts that are even diabetic-friendly. Our products are made of the highest-grade ingredients which is why our customers love our products so much! We use authentic Swiss chocolate imported from Switzerland, vanilla beans imported from Madagascar, purees and butter imported from France and many more.

CAMACA uses Maltitol, a sugar alcohol as a substitute for sugar in its products. Maltitol is created by hydrogenating corn syrup and is produced from Maltose, which is derived from natural starch such as wheat, tapioca or corn. Malitol is half as caloric as sugar, does not promote tooth decay and does not significantly increase blood glucose level. (The GI index of maltitol is 35 while sugar is 65. Maltitol contains 2.1 calories per gram while regular sugar has 4 calories per gram.)

CAMACA has done a scientific study on its desserts, conducted by Novi-health. When compared to regular desserts, CAMACA desserts were observed to cause a small rise in glucose levels. This effect is seen more clearly in individuals with diabetes but can be appreciated in those without diabetes and those at risk for diabetes.

Haven on Earth is a plant-based brand, serving foods suitable for people wanting healthier alternatives, as well as vegetarians and vegans.

The idea came about after we brought in a healthy sugar-free dessert brand, Camaca, that specialises in ice creams, chocolates & desserts that are shown to be safe and suitable for diabetics to consume (without compromising on taste)! Along with its healthy coffees and teas, it has been the perfect gift for our senior friends with diabetics and elderly parents to enjoy a guilt-free indulgent treat.

We created Haven on Earth as a little respite for the community, as it complement the healthy Camaca desserts, and in line with its purpose, provide a cosy place for people to have a break from the usual flow of life, and bring more health conscious delicious choices for people in this lovely King Albert Park community.